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Notice on applying for 2021 project of JSU's Faculty of Agricultural Equipment

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This project aims at bottlenecks technologies and intelligent agricultural equipment key technologies facing the future agriculture by shortening the development cycle and improving the quality of research outputs. Priority will be given to members of International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering (IUCAE).


(1) The application shall follow the Projects Guideline of Faculty of Agricultural Equipment for the Year of 2021. The disruptive frontier technologies and technologies meeting major national needs are not limited.

(2) Teachers of Jiangsu University and IUCAE members could lead the research team. Researchers affiliated by Jiangsu university must be involved in the research team. Each researcher can only participate in one project. There shall be no more than 5 backbone of class I projects and no more than 3 participants of class II projects and think tank projects. The person in charge of class II projects must have a doctor's degree, under/at the age of 45 before January 1 of the selected year, and have undertaken projects at the provincial and ministerial level or above.

 (3) The budget should be provided based on the actual situation reasonably, and the basis of budget should be provided in details.

(4) Jiangsu University should be registered as the first completion unit of the major symbolic achievements.

2. Application procedures and documents requirements

Projects should be approved by your own department or group. Faculty of Agricultural Equipment, Jiangsu university, China will invite experts to review the projects, and the candidate projects list will be released after being approved by the director committee of Faculty of Agricultural Equipment. Project head will sign a task contracts with Faculty of Agricultural Equipment, Jiangsu University, China. Project heads should be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials. If any untrue situation is found, the project application qualification will be cancelled.

Please submit the completed signed application form(5 copies in total, attachment 2), and a copy of the relevant certification materials of project head and key members to the general office of Faculty of Agricultural Equipment before November 5th, and send all the relevant digital files to the E-mail address:

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Attachment 1:Projects guideline for the year of 2021

Attachment 2: Application form template

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