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Assessment Guidance and System

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Score Formula

A: The number of all classes

a: The number of classes (questionnaires) you have taken

B: The score of your Final Exam

C: Final Score

Exams and Scores

1. Final Exam

a. You have a week to prepare for the final exam.

b. Three Short Answer Questions for each course.

c.  Only the first-timer of exam submission will be accounted valid,  i.e. once you submitted, your exam is done.  If you face sudden blackout or network fault and you haven't finished the exam, DON'T SUBMIT and log in to take the exam again when everything goes well.

d. Time:

PTAP: Beijing Time, Anytime from 16:00 pm at July 17 to 16:00 pm at July 27

Tips: Open in July 17-July 27

AMM: Beijing Time, Anytime from 16:00 pm at July 20 to 16:00 pm at July 30

Tips: Open in July 20-July 30


2. Score Checking System

Tips: Score Checking System (Open in September)

3. Certificate

 Trainees whose Final Score exceed 60 will get a certificate via the email within 2 months at the issuance of Outstanding trainees.

4. Scholarship

5  first-class scholarships; 8 second-class scholarships; 12 third-class scholarships




Final Exam

17-30 July

Issuance of Score


Issuance of Outstanding Trainees






Documents Required for Applying for Scholarship

1. Application Form (Those who are eligibe)

2. 1-Minute Video

*The above documents are essential and must be sent to within 2 months at the issuance of Outstanding Trainees.

(updated July 8, 2021)

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